Friday, August 27, 2010

Skrolk WIP 3

My regular Thursday night painting buddies, Jimmy and Seth, came over tonight.  Jimmy converted penal colony guard, Seth painted his Chaos Lord on steed, and I worked on Skrolk some more.

Tonight was hands, feet, and staff mostly.  I'm not sure why, but I basecoated Charadon Granite and then lined all the grain with skull white.  Not drybrushed, lined.  It took a while.  After that I very selectively washed is sepia, green and flesh in various places.  Again, I'm not even really sure what I was going for. 

Let's see.... added some turquoise corrosion to the bells; gave the book a touch up of the black cover (no idea how I want to paint that yet); painted the cords leading to the bell and charm.  I honestly can not remember the colors I used.  It looks like a Reaper Bone Shadow base, then adding skull white to it for highlights.

In other news, some spammy jokester left 38 advertisement comments on my various blog posts here.  It's nice how easy they were to remove with the blogger tools.


  1. The in-progress parts are looking really good at the moment. I see it's only a transition of 3-4 colors, but the robes and flesh tones both look really rich. I'd say the addition of the turquoise adds quite a bit to the bells, too.

    If you're aiming for a higher-end figure, though, you probably want to have a higher gradation from light to shadow, especially on the metallics. Glazes would work well here, or maybe a bit further on, as you could use layered glazes in similar colors to tie everything together. (My Slaaneshi Chaos Lord has VMA Intermediate Blue throughout most of the other colors, for example.) I'd highly recommend the Vallejo Model Air colors for just this sort of thing, actually - a much wider color range than GW's washes without the heavy dye of inks!

    Keep up the good work, loving the figure so far!

  2. Thanks! Now *that* is the kind of painting feedback I wish I could leave for others!

  3. Impressive comment Tinweasel. It makes my "looking good Mike" look positively sad.

    Looking good Mike.


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