Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eldar! Purge the Witches!

Check out the Farseer from my upcoming Biel Tan Eldar army, converted from the limited edition Bonesinger model that was given away with White Dwarf subscriptions a few years ago.  He's mostly stock, with a helmet conversion to move one of the two antlers he had to a rear mounted crest (more in line with the current Farseer models, although I'm still torn on whether he looked better before) and the side "pipes" on the helmet made from Wraithlord fingers (a favorite Kroot snack I hear.)  The singing spear is the Dire Avenger power weapon with a spearhead made from a couple Skaven spear blades from the prior clanrat model glued together, filed, drilled, carved, and now pretty much unrecognizable.

I haven't posted pics on the blogs in a while, mostly because our newer camera is missing again.  I managed to get the eight year old camera and find a huge 16 MB card for it and get this pic.  Why I chose a new conversion over other models I've been dying to photograph is beyond me.  I have painted Bonesingers and warlocks in progress for a conversion job.  I have desperately wanted to photograph and post Matt's huge Tyranid thing that is giving birth to a swarm of rippers.  But, no.  I take one pic and then life get back in the way.... well, enjoy this one anyway.

On a separate note, here are some minis I converted up a while ago but have never painted yet.  You should be able to identify the components, but I'm fairly happy with how they came together.  I was on a bit of a magnet kick, so excuse the minis with different magnetized options shown as different pics.

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