Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celebrity Fleshtones

Lately, I've been thinking about chucking a couple of paints that I've never really liked: Citadel's Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh. I mean seriously... what flesh is actually either of those colors? Dwarf Flesh looks way too orange and Elf Flesh is far too yellow for pale skin. Even cheap acrylic craft paint has better fleshtones. What I use now are P3 Midlund Flesh or Citadel Tallarn Flesh foundation, and highlight up by mixing in a white (skull white or Reaper Linen white.)

But then I saw this picture.

My wife's computer has one of those annoying Real Media news pop-ups in the system tray. I don't typically pay two seconds of attention to it, but this picture immediately got my notice. Here we find Kendra Wilkinson and Denise Richards, appearing to exemplify Citadel Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh.

I guess I won't throw those colors out quite yet... maybe Citadel can rename them "fake tan" and "overexposed flash" or something.


  1. I'd also wonder when you bought the paints? I use them both fairly frequently. Dwarf maybe a little less so, but definitely still gets used. I've never noticed my Elf flesh looking too yellow.

  2. Dwarf Flesh is quite orange, but I normally use it combined with Bleached Bone to highlight Tallarn Flesh.


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