Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Donut Cake Redux

Today is my department's staff picnic thing, and I (was) volunteered to bring a dessert. The coffee/donut cake a couple posts ago was a trial run for what I wanted to bring to the picnic. I made a few changes to the process, as follows:

Make the cake as per the directions on the box, substituting strong coffee (or espresso) for the water in the recipe. It's only 1 1/4 C, so it won't overpower the cake with coffee taste.

Use all large, round donuts (torus, not sphere shaped, would be more accurate I suppose.) Donut holes just didn't work out well. I might try using a chocolate covered cake donut in a future iteration. Try stuff out and tell me how it worked.

Glaze Topping:
1/4 C melted butter / margarine
2 C powdered sugar
1/4 tsp Vanilla extract
mix well, then add 2 Tbsp milk

And remember, it's better to be fat and happy than just fat.


  1. Was a tasty cake!

    Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?

    Introducing the Luther Burger.

    Of course google would serve them in their employee cafeteria.

    I need a new job.

  2. ok, so how many donuts TOTAL do we need, now that the donut holes are gone?

  3. In a 13x9 standard pan, 6-8 donuts will do the trick. You can either do two rows of three or staggered rows of 3-2-3. I went with 6 in my final version, and some of the smaller pieces had no donut at all in them.

  4. I tried the recipe today, but my cake recipe only called for 2/3 c. of liquid, not 1 1/4 c. So the cake was good, but there wasn't really any coffee taste... just looked like a dirty-yellow cake!

    Tried saturating the donuts with some kahlua, but it wasn't enough to be noticeable. Did make a chocolate icing (pourable, my favorite kind) and it tasted pretty good. But the donuts tended to separate when cutting pieces of cake.

    I'm thinking some cinnamon-sugar donuts might add more flavor/spice and texture.

    You could call it Donuts and Coffeecake. or Cop Cake.

  5. Took leftover cake to a place I KNEW it would be eaten; my bro-in-law's web design firm. This note was left on the empty pan:

    Did not like cake – please submit another for testing… hehehe


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