Friday, October 05, 2007

A Better Photo

I like this photo better, so I added it to the auction. Hopefully bidders will like it better too.

Horrifically busy at work and home lately. I've barely touched a brush since finishing Alastriel here. I'm eager to get back to Eldar, especially since I found my scan of the Saim Hann autrarch from the new codex, so now I can reproduce that freehand work.

CMON repost link

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  1. It's very hard to take really good mini photos unless you have a near pro-quality lighting setup and all that. I still struggle with it, I have to take at least a dozen pics of each model and then play with the levels in Photoshop to get it looking decent. Sometimes the macro itself is a problem. If the model has lots of protruding bits it can be hard to focus properly, and I suspect light metering etc. are wonky at that scale.


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