Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Fifteen Minutes

Apparently my little hobby is unique enough that the little Staff/Faculty newspaper here at EMU is running a story on me. I had a lengthy interview with someone doing an internship there yesterday afternoon, and I still need to meet with the university photographer so he can take a picture of me and my work.

The fact that I didn't actually win anything in Chicago didn't seem to phase them.

In other news, Brian and I played Warmachine last night after many months of hiatus. I was over at his place at almost exactly 7:00 PM, and left his place at 1:45 AM. Yikes, am I tired right now. Of course his Khador won against my Menites in the 750 point game, but it was the closest to beating him that I have come in a year. (Did I not mention previously that I stink at these games? I'm pretty sure I did.) The highlight of the game for me was when, after his Man o' War Drakhun (basically a huge armored guy on a huge armored horse) charged in and killed my warcaster (The Harbinger of Menoth) I decided to charge him with the 4 model choir that was hanging out near her before her demise. "The choir are enraged that you killed their beloved Harbinger, and they charge you," I said. Brian looked at me in disbelief. When the dice had stopped, the lowly choir had killed the elite Drakhun. I will never again underestimate the power of the choir or the fun of inventing narrative as you play tactical games. I guess you come up with meta games like that when you lose every stinking time. It's still fun.

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