Monday, April 23, 2007


A Games Workshop corporate store opened in my neighborhood. I decided to paint a figure for the single model category of a painting competition they were hosting, despite the fact that I had no entry prepared and less than a week to create one. I chose a Space Marine Captain in terminator armor that I could use with my Blood Ravens army, and ... drum roll please.... he won first place in his category! I've never won a painting contest before! Hooray for me! The "Best Overall" went to a squad of "Sisters of Battle" which were wonderfully painted in a turquoise scheme. They had amazing consistency and the faces were neat and varied and the prize was quite deserved. I need to get pictures of this fellow to enter into the Golden Toadstools this month... he's in the display case at the store so I don't know when I'll get a chance.

Eldar are, for all intents and purposes done. I have a single model to finish. Everything else is packaged and will be turned over to Angelos next time I see him.

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