Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pirate Goblins Project!

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Kickstarter and Indiegogo after things like the Ogre, Zombiecide and Sedition Wars launches, or the money collected for that poor woman mercilessly taunted on that bus who is now quite a bit more wealthy (unless she is a miniature collector, in which case she now owns a lot more pewter... but I digress.) I saw this cool Indigogo project for a set of Pirate Goblins. They are only at about 20% of a fairly modest startup goal but they still have about 50 days to go. I think once people see how neat these are they will want to grab a set.

I can't quite figure out what a goblin Yarrrrr would be like though... squeaky? I can't make that noise in my head.


  1. I've seen it, they look like great mini's
    The only thing is - I wish folks would pick some other stunty-ish race to make funky mini's with. I mean there's so many goblin mini's out there, pirates, samurai's, circus clowns, etc.

    Please - someone make some hobbit cowboys or something!!

    1. Hobbit cowboys could be a great idea, I have to hink about it ;)

      Anyways thanks to Mike for sharing and thanks all for your inputs.


  2. love their (old style) faces, I'm kinda sick of pointy nosed goblins... besides, I find their bodies too tall, may like them better half their size or squatt.