Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Melta Guy Gets A New Home

I was the lucky winner of the custom Sanguinary Priest and the famous Melta Guy given away over at The Dark Templar's "40 days of 40k" giveaway. Thanks DT! I was especially happy to get Melta Guy, given his epic saga. I love games with moments like that.
Melta Guy considers what manner of witchery
could produce so hideous a foe
So here's a WIP after a night of painting. To honor his illustrious past, I kept most of his old paint job intact, choosing instead to augment and add color as needed. He is a welcome addition to my collection. The custom sanguinary priest is very cool too, but I'll get to him after current projects are done.

In a fit of real hobby ADD, I grabbed one of the playing pieces from my copy of Munchkin Quest and slapped some paint on him. No, I don't know what I was thinking either.

Coming soon! The continuation of Black Crusade Lucius, and on deck "Extremeast-09".


  1. Fab post – glad to see Melta Guy went to a worthy home, that's a great paint job :)

  2. The melta guy is epic.

    His fluff aside, the red looks amazingly solid. Neither turning too pink nor too orange.

    Minchkin quest ? ...nice card game but not sure (have yet to try it) about its boardgame counterpart.

    I'm curious about Lucious' continuationous.