Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mike's DIY Servo-Arms

Regular weekly hobby guy Mike (not me) shared his method for making Do-It-Yourself Servo-Arms for his Chaos Space Marines this week.  The method also works well for regular Space Marines, which is what we're demonstrating since I only had loyalist backpacks to work with.
Step 1. Get a backpack, 2 combat knives, and 2 flamers.
Step 2. Cut the flamers as shown. Concentrate on
making a clean cuts.
Step 3. Cut a vent off the backpack and glue the barrel
portion of the flamer in its place.

Step 4. Glue the flamer tank to the flamer barrel.  To
get a flush fit you can either file the rounded tank side
flat or file a round section onto the flamer tank.

Step 5. Cut the other flamer barrel at the angle shown.

Step 6. Glue the barrel to the tank. Glue the other
flamer tank to the end of the second barrel.

Step 7. Cut the combat knives' blades to form the servo-
arm clamp.

Step 8. Glue the two knife pieces on to form the clamp.
You're done with the servo-arm.

Step 9. Bonus! User the two leftover pieces of the
flamer to make Blood Angels hand flamers!

And just to be double clear, this method comes from Mike (one of the weekly hobby gang) and not me. Mike is an Iron Warriors fanatic, so this sort of conversion is right up his alley. He did the conversion work on Wednesday and I took pictures as he went along.  Some more chaos-looking version he has done can be seen here.


  1. Beauty! bookmarking this fo' sho!

    ps. love the little "kapow" around the hand flamer - nice touch!

  2. Yeah the last shot is full of win. Awesome conversion man!

  3. This is very cool, very, very cool. I just I had seen this *before* I did mine...out of Legos.

  4. Excellent work mate. As said bookmarking this!

  5. Yeah, Mike is definitely our resident IW War-Smith. I'm lucky to have such a diversely talented hobby group.

    @Mik: "I did mine...out of Legos." lol, why am I not even a little surprised?