Thursday, August 25, 2011

Harlequin Nearly Complete

Wow, that's a blurry clown.
Tristan's Harlequin is nearly complete. I worked on him for a while during regular weekly hobbying with Seth and Jimmy. The symbol on the forehead ended up being a frustration. I tried to paint it on, didn't get it right, tried to fix it, etc., etc., and finally ended up doing this:

There's always the nuclear option. In the end, after doing, undoing and redoing, that I realized that I had made the top of the symbol a triangle and not the "spade" (card suit) that is on all the other Harlequins. Whoops.

I also knocked an epic amount of paint off the model just handling it during painting, so I fixed all the damage and game him a nice coat of Minwax polyurethane protection. I'll go over him and fix anything else I don't like, then dullcote him and he's on his way!


  1. so. much. win.

    I am gonna have to pull out ALL the stops on whatever skaven model you send my way.

  2. Pic is a second try after you stripped the logo (vid) or before ? I kinda like it despite something (dunno what) feeling wrong about it.

    Love the yellow and how it contrasts with that blue.

  3. The pic is after the x-acto strip and re-paint. The acrylic texture was getting so bad on the forehead before I gave up that you would have seen it clearly in the photo.

  4. That's a very nice paint scheme and paint job, congrats!
    The look of that blade closing in on the model, ripping his forehead out of paint still it makes me shiver...

    Great job!
    (The painting, not the "torturing_the_model" thing!)