Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Create Your Own Inside Joke

Insert your own value for X in this equation.
This is the white board comic of the day, concerning IT's return to Pray-Harrold after more than a year of being in temporary housing.

Our submissions, mostly inside jokes:

  1. But Bill Heilman said it was ok!
  2. Nooo! My pilot's license!
  3. Now who will run Appworx?
  4. This still beats The Bay.
  5. I wonder what's in the safe.
  6. So what's for lunch?
  7. 4...8...7...3...1...4...1...
  8. Just when I got WiFi signal...
  9. echo "Fail"
  10. Is it safe?
  11. Shoulda... worked... from... home.
  12. Hey, the Black & White manual!
  14. Shoulda gone to the zoo...
  15. Whatcha know about "crushed by falling safe"?
  16. Falling safes are bordering on assault.
  17. This will affect my ECD.
  18. First of all, it's safe.
  19. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  20. Do you know what kind of safe this is?
Now that you have read through our many inside, work-related jokes that are most likely completely unfunny I invite you to come up with your own caption... and to celebrate, IT'S CAKE TIME!!!


  1. Am I insane, or is this whole post a subtle Portal joke?

  2. Nope. It's the brainchild of a bunch of my coworkers complaining about having to move buildings while some work was still going on. The cake time is actually a reference to a pre-Portal joke, if indeed there were cake-related jokes in those dark days.