Thursday, March 18, 2010

Painting One of Mine!

Okay camera, I surrender.  You can saturate the colors all you want, and make everything I paint look like it went through the high gamma filter.  I'll just post whatever you give me.

In honor of the new Blood Angels codex I decided to put a little time in on the only Blood Angels models I actually own... the Space Hulk terminators.  For this model I used my super secret formula for painting bright red.  Want the secret?  I knew you would.  Just paint a million freaking thin coats.  After about 800,000 coats it will start to smooth out and by 1M it looks pretty darn good.  Just for fun I put a little green on the gems there and the eyes.  I really want a nicely painted Space Hulk set, and this fellow is a promising start.  Now, only 30 more figs to go!  At this rate I'll be done in 2039!

1 comment:

  1. Just paint a million freaking thin coats.
    Oh man, do I hear you... I'm just putting the finishing touches on some red and bone Genestealers and questioning my sanity. The number of layers it requires...