Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Catnip is a Gateway Drug

I tip my hat to the good people at Avrett Free Ginsberg for making a cat food commercial that actually makes me want to eat the cat food.

Now if that isn't messed up enough, there was a fairly hilarious parody of this commercial on youtube that was viewable as of yesterday (3.2.10) but that now shows the following message when you attempt to watch it:
So clearly either someone at youtube or someone at the International Olympic Committee has actually been eating the cat food.  Or smoking it.  Or something.  Wait... can cat food be smoked?

Breaking News!

Apparently after a wild night of claiming copyright over everything they saw on youtube, the International Olympic Committee has woken up with a splitting headache and admitted that, yeah, maybe a parody of a cat food commercial wouldn't really be infringing anything they control.  Although you have to admit that "carp ship racing" as a proposed event in the summer games was supposed to be secret for now.  "Dude, remember we talked about that fish boat racing thing the other night?  Those guys at Friskies totally stole that."

What this means for you, gentle reader, is that the link to the potty-mouthed parody works now.

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