Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Redefining "Automatic"

A coworker and I were discussing Internet Explorer 7 and he mentioned that it had been installed as a critical update from Microsoft on his machine, a method he was not entirely fond of. I seldom use IE at work so I decided to check my version to see if I had been updated on the sly. I had version 6. I was immediately curious because I have my computer set to automatically install updates every night. I verified that this setting was still set in control panel, and it was. Hmm. Ok. So I go to to see what updates are available....


Sorry to yell like that. Seventy. Seven Zero. Despite the fact that Windows was set to install them nightly. Many of them were security updates as well. This is the computer security equivalent of walking into a room to find a person sleeping and a TV on, and when you turn off the TV the person says, "Hey! I was watching that." No you weren't. You were asleep. "Yeah, yeah..." Windows answers groggily, rubbing its eyes, "I was updating nightly."

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