Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oooooh, Shiny

If you've been reading this blog lately (for something other than dance recital hairstyles or tortilla chips) you know that I've won >$400 worth of stuff so far as part of the White Dwarf magazine 30th anniversary celebration. Well, yesterday was the big event, in which a gold plated version of the White Dwarf miniature was given away... and I didn't win! Granted, I won at least $80 worth of other stuff, including an Ogre Tyrant and an Orc Warboss on Wyvern, but I didn't win the gold thingy. sigh.

One of the things I won (by spending money and getting a pull from a box of sprues, some of which are unreleased or limited edition) was this super shiny space marine trio. The sprue has been coated the same way that model car bumper sprues are coated, which makes them fairly different than any other marine sprue I've seen. What use are they, you ask? Got me. I'm eBaying them, along with a couple other sprues that Mark and I got yesterday.

While we were there, Mark and I played a (not so) quick 1k game of Warhammer, his new goblins vs. my Skaven. In a surprising 5th turn reversal, Mark panicked the unit containing my general such that they fled right through another of his units, killing all of my unit. It was very well executed, but also a little lucky. The only reason he was able to pull off the charge was because of a fortuitous animosity roll that pushed the charging unit forward into position. I also got a chance to feel everyone else's pain yesterday, as a unit of my Rat Ogres charged some weedy little goblins, then lost combat and ran. The sheer size of the goblin unit was enough to scare my huge Rat Ogres off, something I'm much more accustomed to doing to others with my large Skaven units than having done to me.

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