Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Big Box

Hey, remember the figures I said I was expecting? The ones that include 15 Harlequins? Well I only received 12 Harlequins... along with about 160 other models on foot and 18 vehicles in a huge box. Now this is a commission order.

I played Warmachine with Brian tonight. I got stomped twice in a row in a "mangled metal" scenario (only 'casters and 'jacks.) Whether Brian is just really good or I am just really bad remains to be seen. I fear the latter may be the case.

I've agreed to swap some Night Goblins of mine for an Orc Boar chariot for the girls' army. I just like to say it: "The Girls' Army."

EDIT: I actually did receive all 15 Harlequins, just packaged differently than I had expected. After a couple hours of cataloging last night, I count 25 vehicles/walkers (including 7 single rider jetbikes and 3 two-man jetbikes) and 150 infantry (about 125 of which are Eldar.) The last shipment of Eldar, 5 vehicles and about 65 infantry, took five months to complete.

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  1. Dude!... 65 infantry is a lot of infantry to paint! To say nothing of the other stuff.