Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Our Friend the Sable

My mother-in-law forgot my birthday this year. (Side note: I didn't notice. I am not the sort of person who keeps an inventory of who has/hasn't wished them well on a given day.) She asked me what I wanted for my birthday while on I was on the phone with her, which caught me off guard. I blurted out "Winsor and Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable brushes" more for comedic value (due to the long name) than actual desire to have her find and buy them. I was quite please to receive a gift bag from her with said Winsor and Newton brush (size 0) as well as a red sable 3/0 brush and an 18/0 spotter.

I have to say, I'm thrilled with sable as a brush fiber. The hair is think thick around the middle and comes to a very find fine point, which allows the brush to hold paint well enough to paint a very thin line for an extraordinarily long time. I am going to get spoiled rotten by this brush. I haven't painted with the red sable 3/0 brush enough to really critique it, but if it has the same characteristics as the kolinsky sable then it will, for lack of a better term, rock.

Brian, Mark and I played a few games of Warhammer yesterday. It's funny that the best painter of the group (Mark) has the fewest number of painted models to field.


  1. Please have your mother-in-law call me....My birthday is coming up!! LOL

  2. "The hair is THINK around the middle and comes to a very FIND point"

    Your cold seems to have devolved into even TYPING your words with a stuffy nose!