Monday, May 01, 2006

From 'Nerdy Painting Time' to 'Girly Painting Time'

I spent some time on Sunday painting with the girls. When we were getting ready to paint, the plan was to paint 25mm Warhammer figures... nerdy stuff like I normally paint, and which the girld love painting. As preparation progressed though, Stef suggested that the girls paint some of the little plaster casts that she bought at WalMart a few weeks ago, little birds and kittens and hearts and what not... girly stuff. Next thing I know they are painting knick-knacks instead of miniatures and they love it. I can't begrudge them loving it either... enough people think my own painting choices are strange enough that I can't judge their painting choices simply because it's not what I would have chosen to paint.

And no, there's nothing inherently girly about painting knick-knacks more than you could call painting little toy soldiers boyish, but it makes for a good title and an excuse to give Stef a good natured ribbing.

I've already turned in photos of my entry for the UnderEmpire painting competition, but I can't post pics here until mid-May, when the voting is over. On or around May 8 will be when we find out to whom we are sending our minis for the CMON mini-exchange. I'm kinda geeked about that one.

I have about half the shields on Bill's Iron Breakers now. I still need to paint some beards, but the unit as a whole looks pretty cool.

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