Thursday, May 25, 2006

Little Passengers Must Die

Ugh. Zithromax and I are in the process of ridding me of all the little passengers that are causing me so much misery. They started in the sinuses and seen to have landed in the lungs sometime yesterday. This is day two of five day regimen, so I should be feeling better soon.

The little diorama I painted finally settled in at 6.5, a new high for me and much more satisfying than the 6.1 it had somehow accumulated. Sometime in the last couple days I received another vote that tipped it over to 6.6, which is more pleasing to me than it probably should be.

Bill's dwarfs continue to receive paint. He paid me for the first half, roughly, and I plan on delivering that part by 6/5. I played a game Friday against Brian's Dark Elves using Bill's Dwarfs and was handed a solid defeat, but they looked great. Hey, when you look this good you don't have to kill anything. Now if I could only get Paul to paint.....

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