Saturday, September 07, 2013

Space Marine Captain Comparison

Can you really put a "value" on things like this? Shut up, focus on how
much you love "the GW hobby" and get out your credit card.
The more things change the more they stay the same, apparently.

New Captain features:
  • helmet with crest
  • stoic face bare head
  • sculpted base
  • combi grav gun
Old Captain features:
  • fierce face, probably yelling
  • you already own like 5 of them
  • you can still buy them cheap


  1. I am assuming you found this somewhere on the net and did not buy that model. If you did I will find where you live, drive the 30 minutes over, and slap you. These models are crimes against the hobby.

    1. I had pre-ordered this guy and the librarian at my local hobby store (Model Cave) without knowing what they looked like or how much they actually cost (odd I know, but it happened and sort of made sense at the time.) Only after ponying up the dough and looking at the cover did I notice the similarity. I tend to like theses single model sprue releases, but yikes. I've spent the last 5 years converting Black Reach captains into *anything* but Black Reach captains. Their choice of sculpt is truly puzzling.

    2. I am sorry to hear that. (Gets in Car).

      Buying something like this only encourages them. For only like 5 more dollars you could get the Masters of the Chapter set with 4 resin commanders. The old commander box is still like 7.50 cheaper and has more stuff and was originally like 12 or 15 dollars. That they think they can make this product and charge 30 dollars for it is one of the reasons my 40K collection has not grown in like 2 years.

      The prices for the other monopose plastics were like 20 and that is to high. These are space marines, if an army is going to cover the mold cost well it is these. They should be no more than 15 dollars and I still would probably be very unlikely to recommend them.

    3. On a side note. Which FLGS, I do not really like Get Your Game On mainly due to location, and have not really found anything to replace the stores I used to go to that have all shutdown.

    4. Model Cave on Michigan Ave in downtown Ypsi. It's a scale model shop with no gaming space but they have a GW rack and lots of supplies and I've picked up some really good tips there for things that don't necessarily fall in the standard wargaming miniature painter technique pool. Plus, owners John and Melissa are exceedingly pleasant people.

      So where do I game now? At people houses or at work during lunch. Zero hang outs now.

  2. I didn't realize how similar they are. And by similar, I mean nearly identical.

  3. What? A helmet crest!

    The stoic face is the for the silent judging he is giving you.