Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some Final Blood Bowl Prep

Since the team I'm playing tomorrow is 410k greater value than mine, I get some inducements to even the field a bit. Of course I needed to model them. I'll be taking a Halfling Master Chef (WIP converted from a Halfling Hot Pot I had lying around) and another apothecary, represented by the infamous Nurse Gretchin there. I also decided to make some more tokens, so I made re-roll tokens to represent the Dwarf rune for fate. I wish I had looked at my source material again, because they are almost right. Whoops. I also painted some runes (Might) on the shoulders of my Blitzers, per Tristan's suggestion.


  1. awesome dude - can't believe you found the time to make models for your inducements!!
    you are gonna have a blast!!
    blitzers look awesome - also make sure you chat to your opponent because I think the next team you might be playing with could be skaven?? ;-)

    1. Well, admittedly Nurse Gretchin was acting as a grot orderly in my Ork army, but I'm pretty happy with the conversion on the halfling chef. The guy with the ladle was one of the rope pullers for the hot pot catapult.