Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blood Bowl: Skalf's Stonecutters

11 players, ready to roll block dice
Blood Bowl is less than 24 hours away, and I am ready to roll. My roster is set, my team is painted, my dugout is complete. Behold "Skalf's Stonecutters." The fellows with the large shoulder pads on the left are blitzers. The blue helmeted guys on the right are runners. The slayers are front and center and the other five are blockers. From this angle you can clearly see the four 20mm and one 40mm cut-out spots for team expansion. 

 The dugout morgue was supposed to have a marking of a Dwarf ancestor face that GW is so crazy about, but done with X eyes and tongue out. The eyes and tongue are pretty obvious, but the intention of it being the ancestor face takes a bit of a stretch. I was fairly pleased with the drag marks leading to the "dump pile."
The morgue looks like it has gotten some use.
Hopefully that doesn't happen this season.
 The apothecary didn't need a mini, but I had one of these guys and figured I'd use him. He's holding a bandage and ready to fix up some Stonecutters. The roll on the table was done by gluing dental tape to the side of a toothpick, then rolling it around with some superglue, then cutting the toothpick and sliding the roll off (breaking the glue to the wood in the process.) The rune on the floor is the Dwarf rune for healing. Since taking this pic I have glued the bandage on the table down so that it looks like it's draping over the side instead of sticking out like that.
He'd really rather be on the pitch.
 Our league uses OBBLM for management, and one of the options was to upload a team logo. Of course I did just that, and replicated the logo on the big slab in the back. It turned out pretty close to the computer file I created and it's all free-hand, so that worked out pretty well. The two axes are markers for.... I dunno, turn and re-rolls? Yeah, probably that.
The glorious Stonecutters logo!
Okay, get ready for some game reports in the next week!


  1. love this Mike. Some thoughts;
    1. paint something on the shoulderpads of the blitzers in blue. even just a rune or something.
    2. I would use those counters for turn & score - and build some more for rerolls, or use those for rerolls and build some more for turn and score.
    3. that freehand logo came out AMAZING

  2. ps. I found the yellow block dice, gonna try and finish up your skaven dude this week so I can mail them to you - looking forward to that game report.

  3. Love the Dwarves in BB, great looking theme applied to classic figs, nice.

    And yeah, those counters are super cool too.

  4. Looks good. You need a scoreboard with dwarf rune numbers to go with this.