Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Evil Baby Orphanage ... Another Kickstart

Fun looking party card game from Wyrd. I want some stretch goals, so buy this now. Do it. Now.
From the Kickstart page...
Evil Baby Orphanage is a card game for three or more players. Each player takes on the role of a Time-Nanny in an Evil Baby Orphanage, kidnapping villains throughout history and raising them to be accountants, ballerinas, or... something. Each player takes turns playing cards to help keep their Evil Babies from burning down their whole orphanage, and adopting more Evil Babies from the Time Stream.
Use good toys to keep Evil Babies from wreaking havoc, bad toys to encourage Evil Babies in other orphanages to cause a little trouble, and various Nanny actions to swap and adopt them as you try to keep the most evil out of the time stream.
I love non-collectible card games lately. I collect enough lead/tin/plastic that I don't want to add paper to the list. Infernal Contraption, Munchkin, Dominion... all great fun.

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  1. I'm for this. I want that Jack mini as a Baby Kade alt.