Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wyrd Rotten Harvest Entry - Ghost Girl

This started out as an entry for the "Harrowing Harvest" duel category, with Reaper's Clarissa painted as a ghost (using the water sculpted on the base as a sort of "spectral splash") facing off against an undead hunter, utilizing OSL. The two figures just never really popped on the base together, so I decided to use Clarissa on her own. Most of the critique mentions the disconnect between the base and the mini, and this is mostly due to me having painted the mini separately and gluing to the base later. I really should have gap filled better between the "splash" and the grave, but I really didn't notice how bad it was until looking at the photos later. Most of the time my angle of viewing during painting the base (directly overhead) obscured the disconnect.

I had considered adding a tree, some clumps of grass or similar to make the base look busier, but in the end just was running too low on time. The snake (which I will post later) was my main entry, and most of the time went to him, being fully sculpted. I'll probably add some more details, clean up the OSL in some spots and then post this to CMON.

At the end of voting, she got 3rd place in her category, with which I am very pleased. Kudos to my wife for suggesting the red eyes. The original eyes were yellow-green, and Stef knew that a little touch of complementing red would give the model a nice focus point. Was she ever right!


  1. Congrats on your 3rd place.
    That's a great looking model, I find myself quite drawn to it.

  2. I think having a simpler base really helps this miniature pop! (That and the red eyes - smart lady!)

    I guess now that you've pointed it out I can understand the CMON comments about the fig separate from the base. Still a very minor complaint I'm sure anyone would love this piece in their display cabinet. Well done mate!

  3. Looks excellent, Mike. The light on the base looks phenomenal. Congratulations on placing third! Now that you're done with that, though, I do believe it's time for a bit of a Khadoran Invasion soon.