Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Escalating Hello Kitty Project

A woman I barely know at work has seen some of my miniature painting, since I sometimes paint at lunch. She had all the usual comments and questions for someone who doesn't know much about the hobby, but seemed to appreciate the work. About a month ago she asked me to paint something Hello Kitty for her daughter's birthday.  I assumed that she wanted me to personalize a toy by painting something on it. "Sure, whatever you need," I answered.

Do you see the problem with that offer? I didn't at the time. Next thing I know I'm not only painting three Hello Kitty figures, but sculpting them as well based on a page from a coloring book. Oh, and they are big. Here is a regular terminator for scale.
He has a 3++ save against cute.
In retrospect I should have corrected the issue immediately, but instead I just ran with it like I knew that was the plan the whole time. I didn't want her to feel like I had agreed to something and was backing out just because she and I didn't have a complete understanding of what I would be able to do well. This is really the first time I've sculpted something like this. After about 20 hours of work and several serious miss-steps, I was finally able to get them together and paint them (poorly) and am delivering them today. They are by no means sturdy, so I hope they survive transport. I was fairly happy with the little dance floors I made for them.

So, the take away here (which you would think I would already know in my line of work) is to define your scope and set expectations early.

Hmmmm.... maybe I'll use what I've learned to sculpt my own Teddy for Malifaux.....


  1. Honestly, those look pretty dang good. Much better than most of the junk you'd find at Walmart.

    I have a 2-year-old daughter that loves Hello Kitty, and I'll have to show this to my wife for some inspiration.

  2. Hey, they look good. And they're for a kid, how sweet. She'll probably really like them! But yeah, you probably should have laid down some boundaries asap. I have to "touch up" (a lot) a friend's keepsake wedding cake topper because I promised to... despite the fact the colours are a horror to match and I am totally not confident the paint will even stick in the long term :P