Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Strange Children and the Waffled Cheese Sandwich

I was home with my kids last weekend, and prep for lunch started. They clamored for grilled cheese, so I dug around in the drawer that houses our Salton sandwich maker. One of the kids spotted the waffle iron in that same drawer and suggested we make the sandwiches in the waffle iron instead. Hmmm. Strange idea, but why not?
Hey, that's not a waffle
It actually worked out pretty well. Once done, the bread had a distinctly waffle-like quality to it. The sandwiches were definitely a unique twist on plain old grilled cheese.
It's a waffled cheese sandwich!
Warning though... the bread and cheese left little burned spots on the waffle iron that came out as black dots in the next waffle I made. Next time I will definitely take more care to clean the waffle iron when I'm done.


  1. nothing beats a bacon grilled cheese where you fry the bacon then fry the sandwich in the bacon grease.

    aka "the heartstopper"

    never eat more than 1. trust me.

  2. now am gonna have to make one tonight! :)