Sunday, October 02, 2011

Galactic Grenadiers 15mm WIP

Galactic Grenadiers, 15mm Militiaman (done... I think) and Planetary Guard (WIP)
I decided to do the militiaman in a stereotypical "army man green" scheme. I had actually put some paint on a couple of these guys back in the 80's, but for some reason chose orange for their helmets, probably because they resembled construction helmets. Who knows what drives the twelve year-old mind? The planetary guard (far left) are used as police in one mission, so I figured I'd paint them blue. The eyes on the suit are so big that I made an attempt at sky-earth reflection. (Who knows what drives the forty-three year-old mind?) I included the completed Grenadier because... well, mostly because he was within arm's reach when I took the photo. The militiaman doesn't have much "pop" right now. I think I need to highlight even lighter, maybe a selective scorpion green or livery green.

I had kept the name of the game these belong to un-revealed in the hopes that someone would recognize them. Upon reflection, my scenario of someone stumbling onto my painted minis and exclaiming "Those are from Ral Partha's 1980 tabletop game Galactic Grenadiers!" seems ... unlikely.

Rules can be found here. Each turn (page 2) is a strange twelve phase ordeal including six specific shooting phases. Combat results are determined by calculating the difference between attack and defense stats of models and rolling 2d6 and comparing to a matrix. One thing I chuckled at is that Imperial elite grenadiers are attack 4 defense 4, while the more basic human militia are attack 3 defense 3. I feel like I've seen that somewhere else... Interestingly enough, models stats go down as they get wounded. To the credit of my younger self, every last piece of the game is accounted for. I was the kind of kid who would keep electronic toys in the original packaging, Styrofoam and all, when not in use.

Paints used, mostly for later reference:


  • Astronomicon Grey base
  • VGC Ghost Grey 1st HL
  • VGC Skull white 2nd HL
  • VGC electric blue visor (mix with white for lower half)
  • Reaper grey liner
  • VGC blood red (w/ hot orange) for accents
  • P3 greatcoat grey for weapon, VGC cold grey HL, electric blue muzzle
  • Basing: calthan brown db + cobra leather db


  • Knarloc green base
  • snot green highlight
  • orkhide shade shading/lining
  • calthan brown+devlan mud for boots,pack
  • P3 greatcoat grey weapon, cold grey HL
  • electric blue sunglasses/goggles

Planetary Guard:

  • Mordian blue
  • electric blue mixed in for highlight
  • mord blue/electric blue/white/cobra leather, cl+black for lenses

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  1. wow, really impressed by the sky-earth reflection eyes - superb! you whooped your 12 year old self at painting ;)

    12 shooting phases? yikes