Monday, October 24, 2011

Behold The Legal Process!

Yup, apparently Progressive Insurance has decided to sue me over the little mishap that I had two years ago. As it turns out, my car insurance had lapsed (by about 30 hours) when the accident happened, so under Michigan law I am apparently not covered under the "no fault" law. That means I am directly liable for all the damages paid by Progressive for the  other person's car. Whee. And the insurance company carrying my policy at the time (although not exactly that time) ... also Progressive. In fact, I'm still a customer of theirs. Go figure.

The lesson here, my little internets, is always pay your car insurance.

Also, thanks to this video for showing me how to make the curvy text in Gimp.


  1. Craaaaap.

    Maybe we should petition that they have Flo talk about how helpful THAT was in their next commercial.

  2. Filthy scumbags is what they are... damn modern day legal scammers and pirates! you can spend your whole life giving them your money then when it comes the time to help you "it just happens that..." and all turns wrong.

    The thing with insurances is that sometimes it feels like putting a coin into a jar everyday instead of paying insurances would prove more useful case when you'll be in need, the jar most likely won't tell you it's not going to give your money back.

    Hope you'll get thru this in the smoother way possible.

    Cheer up!

  3. Aww man, that stinks. Sorry chief.

  4. frig, good luck dude - hope it goes well for you.

  5. Mike, that really sucks. Best of luck is all I can say... these things are never pleasant but try and remember it's not personal, if that makes it feel at all better (not likely, I know).

  6. well guys, what you dont know is that because he is in michigan, as long as somebody says that he committed a crime, that is evidence & he could go straight to prison... yup, the "mitten magistrate" has felony prosecution written all over it.

    its not hell, but when you are in court in michigan... you can see it from there,