Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ouch. An Ork Just Math-Hammered Me.

Just a quick summary of something that I really didn't appreciate until yesterday.

30 Ork Boyz w/shootas, 3 rokkit launchas = 210 pts
10 tactical Space Marines w/ heavy bolter, plasma gun = 180 pts

Full squad of Orks shoot at Marines.  18 shoota hits.  9 shoota wounds.  3 failed armor saves.  1 rokkit hit/wound w/ no save.  That makes 4 dead marines = 64 points.  The Marine squad is now seriously compromised.  Points killed per points of unit is .305.

Full squad of Marines shoot at Orks.  Let's assume that are in rapid fire range.  16 bolter  shots  = 11 bolter hits = 6 bolter wounds.  Heavy bolter gets 2 hits and, oh let's just say two wounds.  Plasma gun gets a couple shots... let's just say both wound.  So that's 10 Ork casualties = 60 points.   Points killed per points of unit is .333.

In the end, I discovered that a full unit of Boyz is almost as effective for the points as a full tactical squad of marines, plus the Boyz can shoot you up and still charge you for an effective whomping.

Waaagh indeed.

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