Saturday, February 26, 2011

Choir of Menoth, model 1

I'm of a serious mind to have some painted Warmachine figures with which to play.  My abysmal win record recently (0/5 with PoM, 0/1 with Skorne) can only be attributed to unpainted/partially painted models.  I mean, it couldn't be me, could it?

So here is model #1 of a 4 member choir.  I'm satisfied with the results.  The scroll text was done with a Pigma Micron 005 (0.2 mm tip) pen.  The idea is to basically tap the pen irregularly on the line as you move the pen, creating some "words" that are longer than others.  It makes a reasonable facsimile of text at a distance.

The skin is GW tallarn flesh, washed devlan mud, repainted tallarn flesh over non shadow areas and then highlighted with a little skull white mixed into the tallarn flesh.  Maybe 60/40 tallarn/white.

Finishing this squad of 4 will allow me to field a few variants of a 15 point army, fully painted.

So far I have painted...
Warcasters: pKreoss, Feora, High Reclaimer, pSeverius
Warjacks: Reckoner, Repender, Revenger, Crusader, and a 90% done Redeemer
Units: just the one choir member; a couple Exemplar units have some sporadic color
Solos: Gorman DiWulfe

I also have a painted Testament of Menoth given to me as a gift.  I have to say, getting painted minis as a gift when you really know the person painted it specifically for you is pretty amazing.

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