Monday, January 10, 2011

Protectorate War Engine

There are two things I absolutely love in wargames: people carrying books and pipe organs.  (Yes, that means I'm a big Adeptus Sororitas fan, even though I don't have an army.)  So Privateer Press really has my number with Protectorate of Menoth.  First came the Covenant of Menoth, and now behold the concept artwork for their Protectorate Battle Engine.  Cygnar may shoot lightning, and Khador may make lob armored mountains at you, but the Protectorate will kill you with the sound of their awesomeness. 

Also, is it me or is that priest guy throwing the "double deuce"?


  1. "the Protectorate will kill you with the sound of their awesomeness. "
    Like Des O'Conner?

  2. Hmm, I had a well-worded comment here, but somehow the page redirected to "The Professional Miniature Painters WebRing" and my comment was lost?

    Short version: me = meh to "churchy" factions. Likely GW's fault, as with everything. And, how does this unit actually kill your opponent's guys? With awesomeness?

  3. @John: looks like I have a wealth of youtube videos re: Des to watch. Never heard of him before today.

    @Allison: I finally dropped that webring thing. I joined it back when I still thought painting on commission would had merits. Sorry you lost the comment... I blame GW.

  4. Did you see the color concept art? :D

    Even more awesome. :P