Monday, June 14, 2010

Miscellaneous Wedding Tales

So, some thoughts about the wedding this weekend....

The gentleman officiating the ceremony is seen at left, taken in the limo between the ceremony and the reception.  Apparently his office of "bishop" is holy, but he's just a regular guy.  He had adequately established his "regular guy" status such that by the time he started talking about "the shocker" I was in no way shocked.  I had not however heard of "the Spocker" which I will leave you to research or not at your discretion.

The ceremony itself was outside in a park by a pond and was quite nice.  A light sprinkling of rain fell on and off punctuated by bright sun.  There was runner going down the aisle which was not holding up well to the wind and foot traffic.  As I escorted the corresponding bridesmaid along the runner I was overly concerned with not tripping on the thing, so all picture Stef took of me have me looking down at my feet.  I look so stupid in them.

If your limo is designed for 11 and you have 14 people in your wedding party, take two cars.  The 14 of us + Bishop Shocker made for a very cramped car ride in which there were four of us on the floor at any given time.

Silver Yo-Yo's as a groomsmen's gift:  Best.  Idea.  Ever.

The guests were wonderfully eclectic, ranging from military in dress uniform to decked-out goth to gamer stereotype (fat w/ big beard.)  Everybody seemed to be having a great time and the groups seemed to mix seamlessly.

I'm not terribly loquacious with people I've recently met, but apparently I had a lapse in social skill during the reception.  One of the bridesmaid's boyfriend had only moved into town in the last 4 months from Hawaii, and when I found out he painted 40k I started talking to him.  I showed him a couple of my painted minis using Stef's iPhone, and we talked about painting and eBay selling.  Then he turns to his girlfriend and says, "You'd better say something or he's just going to keep talking."  Plain as day.  Wow.  I can honestly say I have never had someone drop such an overt "shut the hell up and go away" on me.  So, I did.  Thanks for the memory, Charles from Hawaii who recently moved to the Mason area.

So after the festivities had wound down, I tried to help get things put away as much as I could.  The parents and relatives of the bride/groom were doing all the work while all the 20-somethings were standing around watching them.  (Was I like that?  I hope not.)  I took the push broom away from the elderly aunt and went to work.

All in all, a fun and interesting time.  Thanks for the good time, folks!  I'm glad you liked your present.


  1. Can you come to the wedding I was invited to? I don't know anyone there and would rather shoot the breeze about 40k anyway.

  2. Looks like "Charles from Hawaii who recently moved to the Mason area" just blew a promising lead for a potential gaming buddy!

    We were at a work cookout once, average boring stuff, but on the way to the bathroom through the rec room I spied a work desk with a squad of Grey Knights being painted. It was the husband of my boss, and I monopolized him the rest of the time. I guess we're so used to no one knowing what the heck it is that we do we get overly excited when we find a brethren. You would think they'd return the favor!

  3. If Charles from Hawaii is so overtly rude all the time then some day he's going to meet somebody who will quite cheerfully punch him in the throat.