Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Dune (movie) and 40k Imagery

Second Dune post in two days.  Second Dune post ever, come to think of it.

What an odd coincidence that the 1984 Dune movie was on TV last night.  I watched it, and was fascinated by how closely the imagery resembles what we have come to expect from 40k.  I'm not talking about the conceptual comparisons like warping space or god-emperors or what not.  I'm referring specifically to the way Dune was represented on-screen in that movie.  From the winged flying lamps to the translator-on-a-staff that the navigator guild envoy used to the ...

Okay, that's strange.  I just got a call on my office phone and the number is from a Pizza Hut in Naples, FL.  Huh.

Anyway, if you can sit through the 2.5 hours of mediocrity, then I recommend 40k fans take a good hard look at this movie.  I don't remember how much style is lifted directly out of the book, but considering it came out three years before Rogue Trader I suspect it had no small influence on the stylized setting we've all come to know.

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