Friday, January 24, 2014

Stonecutters Are Victorious!

After an entire first season of losses and draws (in equal measure) the Stonecutters pulled off an actual bon-a-fide "W" in last night's season 2 opener. Slayers Skalf and Dumin both leveled after the match. In keeping with their appearance, Skalf now has "stand firm" and Dumin now has "mighty blow".

My opponent was new league member Rick. His team of humans, the "Marburg Septics", were each named after a disease. Aspiring Nurgle team? Who knows. With three catchers on the field I was expecting a lot more passing. The dice did not go Rick's way, including an interception at a key moment in the second half. On the plus side he hired a wandering apothecary as an inducement, and so managed to reduce a casualty result of "killed" (6-8... maximum killage) to merely MNG. Whew.

This game was also a test run of my recently injured player. Blocker Thorek had leveled and gotten the skill "guard" but had been injured in Dungeonbowl and lost a point of movement. Blockers only start at M4, so going down to 3 seemed pretty harsh. He actually performed quite well, and so I will keep him instead of firing him and hiring a new player. He is also the first miniature I painted for the team, so for reasons I can't quite understand I was reluctant to fire/re-hire, even if it just meant a new name and stat line for the same miniature.

Ok, off to get me a Big Moot Sandwich(tm)!


  1. Congrats! Now that your slayers have some skills, you should be much more effective.
    I agree with keeping the guard guy - you want a few more blockers with that skill before you can afford to cut him.

    Sounds like you deserve to reward yourself with a weekend of blood bowl goodness! ;-) ;-)

  2. Nice! Congratulations. May I ask where you got your Slayer minis? I'm in the middle of converting a dwarf team and need to figure out how I'm going to source the slayers...

    1. Thanks Mattias. The one on the right is the Slayer Lord from the "Battle for Skull Pass" Warhammer Fantasy starter set. He can still be acquired on eBay easily. The left one is the 2006 Games Day figure (only given out at Games Day that year) and will be a little harder to acquire. There are recasts available most of the time on eBay so beware.

      More about mine:

  3. Contrats ! BTW, love that freehand on the wall (pic).

    This reminds me that I still have to try the bloodbowl manager cardgarme. People told me wonders about it.