Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weekly Hobby Update - Magnification!

Just Jimmy and me for hobbying tonight.
I finally took some pics of what Jimmy has been working on....

But first! Magnification!
 I don't use the LED lights because they are oddly blue colored.
This is the magnification headset that Jimmy gave me last week.  This week I used it to refine the painting on the Malifaux fig "Mortimer, the Grave Digger."

Results are below.

BEFORE, without magnification... not terrible
from a distance but less than awesome up close.

AFTER, lots of touch ups with the magnification lenses on.
The focus is a little softer but I hope the improvement is evident.

And here is the updated Kroot-a-saurus.

Now with more gunners!

Detail of the gunner and his awesome expression.

This side still needs its gun sponson thing.

Also, the Chaos Kroot tank.  His Kroot are Tzeentch-leaning.  Shapers / Change... it makes sense.

Captain Kroot is very enthusiastic about change.

And I worked on Nicodem a little too.  Pimptastic.

I thought the purple was kind of original until I saw that the
picture of Nicodem in the new rulebook has him purple.


  1. You know I love that krootie ! Your pal should be proud!

    By the way, much cleaner stuff after magnification but, is it really comfortable to work this way ? I'm a bit obsesive sometimes so I suppose sometimes is better not to know where the flaw is than to fall into madness trying to make that eyelid EXACTLY the way that you wanted...

  2. You'll have to let me know how your eyes hold up from using your heasdset. The improvements you made on Mortimer are significant enough to make me consider getting one. These Infinity minis and their intricate details are straining my eyes! I'm going cross-eyed.

  3. Ditto on followup for this. I'm curious how you feel it improves your technique AND painting experience over time. My eyes definitely feel less capable of focusing on tiny tiny men for too long, these days. I must be getting old :P

    I do own a binocular microscope - for dissecting small animals etc. in the lab... but it is almost TOO powerful, though it preserves depth perception. Also it is too big for my painting bench. A head-mounted magnifier intended for small work could potentially be ideal.

  4. oh, Allison if it was only you...

    I'm too looking forward to read further impressions on how those stuff saves your eyes some work, how comfy is it, etc.