Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bored Children and Crooked Men

 My daughters had been excited to go with me to play Malifaux on Tuesday night.  A week ago I took Sarah with me, and she was less than impressed.  I wanted her to watch the game, to get a feel for the rhythm and etiquette, but it was just boring to her after about 1/3 of the way through.  As evidence, I present my defaced army list, printed from the very useful Ratty's Malifaux Crew Builder.  One of my "Canine Remains" is a tiny Reaper pug familiar.  Sarah is rather enamored of it, hence the "little pug" homage.  When she was not doodling she was playing games on my phone.  My battle report is here.

Hobby night was not productive for me.  I spent most of the time helping Jimmy craft a letter of recommendation for someone to sign or downloading things for him, which did not go well since our DSL was acting poorly.  Jimmy meanwhile worked on Kroot-o-saurus some more.  Mike and Seth worked on.... you know, I can't remember what they worked on.  huh.  I didn't pick up a paint brush.  Just one of those nights for me.

I did, however, take part of last night to bang out a "Crooked Man" for my Malifaux crew.  He's basically an undead miner.  I used a bunch of game-quality techniques.  I don't know... the paint just wasn't talking to me but I felt like I had to put some paint on something.  Here he is, in a very small, poorly lit photo because I don't want to expose him to much scrutiny.
Tonight is Malifaux again.  My other daughter, having heard from the first how boring it is, opted not to go.  At least I won't have to feel guilty about her having a terrible time.

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  1. The Crooked Man rules seem fantastic – been reading up after having a go with Nicodem recently – so I'd be interested to hear how you get on with them.

    I hear you regarding some paint on something. I think it's the best way to stop your hobby time stalling …and playing unpainted minis.