Monday, May 02, 2011

A Winner Is Me!

Yay for free stuff!  I won the weekly Heroes of Armageddon drawing and got one of two $25 vouchers at Secret Weapon Miniatures.  Showing great thought and restraint, I placed an order there today.  While I was there I dropped another $35 in addition to my $25 voucher.  It was definitely my desire to make the order slightly profitable for them, and not at all related to my inability to limit myself to the amount I had won.  Nope.  No connection whatsoever.

So here's what I bought:
1 x Dark Sepia Wash = $2.99
1 x Armor Wash = $2.99

1 x Soft Body Black Wash = $2.99
1 x Small Roman Style Helmet Crest = $5.00
1 x Round Lip: 30mm Urban Streets Bases = $10.00
1 x Round Lip: 40mm Urban Streets Bases = $10.00
1 x Round Lip: 50mm Urban Streets Bases = $5.00
1 x Round Lip: All Your "Flagstone" Bases = $22.50

Why those, you ask? I don't know! They looked cool, and I will need to base my (currently completely unpurchased) Malifaux crew(s) eventually. I also wanted to try their washes, which are both larger pots then Citadel (20ml as opposed to 12ml) and pigmented heavier. Expect critique here at some point. Their color range is good; I was tempted to just buy the whole set. I may yet do so, depending on how well I like the three I bought.


  1. would love to know about the wash... I recently got devlan mud and sepia from citadel despite I haven't purchased any citadel paint in over a decade. It was just that so many people write out great stuff about them. Have yet to try them tho.

    I picture myself buying secret weapon's (loved the pics 1st time I saw the wash range but have yet to read a review) instead of citadel's so any comment you may have about those washes will come pretty handy.

    Oh, and congrats!