Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sun, Rain, Hats, Parasols

Saturday was my daughters band concert.  This year her school tried something different and had an outdoor picnic-type affair.  Although it rained before the concert, the sun was out as of the time this video was taken.  I managed to get both wet with rain and a sunburn in the same 2 hour span.  Apparently the risk of being exposed to sunlight trumped my desire to be exposed to watching my daughter perform.  Perhaps not "every inch" was obscured, but my ability to video recored portions of the concert seemed threatened at the time of this recording.  This recording includes my semi-coherent whining.  I faithfully captioned the parts that don't make sense.

Actually, most of them put their parasols away when the concert started.  The Hawaiian Punch hats remained on.  Oh, and someone put on a bright white straw hat as well that features prominently in my recordings later.

I sure complain a lot.

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