Monday, July 20, 2009

My New Favorite WIP holder

I started mounting high quality paint job minis on corks to avoid touching the emerging paint jobs with my filthy meat appendages. That's all find and dandy until you need them to actually stand on their own. I tried a variety of makeshift holders, and even switched to sawed-off champagne corks (so they'd be much thicker at the bottom) to try and fix the falling over problem.

Now I have it figured out. As you can see in the pic (which is a WIP from my "Big Box of Eldar" project blog) the Sabol paint tray makes an excellent WIP fig holder for these cork mounted figs. Even non cork mounted figs can be placed in the star-shaped cavities. About half an inch of insertion will hold them nicely without contacting the model to the foam. I intend to use one of these to hold 20 tactical Space Marines in the future for actual army transportation once I get them painted and properly dullcoted for protection.


  1. I use old camera film tubs and blue tak these days, I used to use heamostats, and probarbly would for a big based model.

    I'm glad you've found a solution that works for you :)

  2. It's more about standing them up somewhere than what to mount them on. On any number of different sorts of mounts I've had instances of the mini falling over at some point. Being able to put them down somewhere without having to worry about that is a relief.

  3. I have a bunch of the old Chessex paint pots that I use to hold minis. Used to just use dabs of zap-a-gap to stick a mini to them until I was finished. Now I just magnetize the mini base and then stick the mini to the big fender washer I firmly glued to the top of the paint pot.