Monday, November 18, 2013

Dungeons and Dragsters

Despite it being mid/late November, I present my October Challenge submission, D&D. You race through the dungeon and smash into the dragon at the end. Go fast enough and defeat him, or ... not. How did this particular mash-up come about? I started with a concept I had been noodling over for a while, but as the deadline crept closer and closer I jokingly said, "I should just abandon the whole thing and remake Activision Dragster for the 2600." Somewhere in between what I had already done and the game I played as a youngster, Dungeons and Dragsters was born.

It took my coworkers approximately 60 seconds to figure out how to break the driving to get max velocity. Time to rework some of that gearing code.


  1. Needs a retry button, but other than that... great job!

  2. Silly is good :) But I'm confused. Is this on iTunes, Google play etc? Did anyone actually give you a dollar?

    1. Well, kind of... Josh promised to give me a dollar if I finished and published the game. I published and today he gave me the dollar. I have made $,20 in ad revenue sharing from it, but it probably won't get much further than that. I'll certainly post here whenever I publish something, whether on Kongregate, Play Store, App Store, whatever.