Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thrift Store Treasure = Good Photography

So I found myself at a Salvation Army thrift store recently. Now typically I can't stand pawing through thrift stores or garage sales... that's not to say that good things can't be had, only that I have no talent for finding them. (In contrast, my brother-in-law excels at finding things that will have 10x eBay value.) Anywho, I come across a "Clairol True-To-Light VIII" in the electronics area, which looks to be a lighted vanity for seeing how your makeup looks in various light-types. There are settings for day, office, evening and home. Two fluorescent tubes provide the light, and colored filters provide the difference in light coloring. On a whim I dropped the $6 figuring I could try it for photographing minis.

Here is the setup I contrived. I took out the central rotating mirror from the vanity and stuck a plastic tab on the bottom with construction adhesive. The stand it came with was made to tip it back so one could look slightly downward at it, not really conducive to my intended purpose. The backdrop for the mini is a 40k Razorback box I hacked up with a piece of thick gray poster-board nestled in it.

So then I started taking some pictures... and .... wow!

I have never, never gotten a good photo of this guy. Until now. This was my first attempt at a Golden Daemon entry and it got an honorable mention, finishing just behind Cathy Wappel's bronze winning Chaos Spawn.  I'm tempted to throw this guy back up on cmon now that I have a decent pic.

And this feller is what I actually won a daemon for. Again, a better photo than I have ever taken of him.

Best $6 I've spent this year.


  1. Congrats ! the photos captures your paintjob goodness...

    Now I know why that ork is pissed about. Stepping into semen, awwww. And arguably not orky one.

    1. I will neither confirm nor deny any techniques used in the basing of this miniature.

  2. Wow, that's kind of brilliant! (and a lucky find) I use a GE Reveal daylight bulb for photos and I still have to adjust levels in Photoshop afterward. What light conditions did you use for these pics?

    javi: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    1. I wish I could remember exactly. Some of the photos I took that night were in complete darkness except for the vanity light. Some had the overhead kitchen CF fixture on. The temp of the CF bulbs and the vanity are about the same so it didn't mess up my white balance.

      I really should just break down and buy a gray card to use for photo post-processing. It would really make color correction easy.