Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Will Finally Own A Quality Painted Miniature!

James Wappel, one of my painting heroes, has just kickstarted his series of painting tutorial DVD's. The full set is not, shall we say, inexpensive. At 100 minutes each, I also wonder why the colors red, blue and green need their own DVD, or why multiple flesh tones need their own DVD. Hey, you know what? It's his party and if I painted as well as him I'd be in a much better position to judge that.

Here's what I'm excited about: one of the reward levels gets you a DVD plus the miniature painted for the DVD. I don't think it's the actual mini painted for the tutorial... the text says "you will receive a PAINTED VERSION of the mini that is featured on the DVD!!"  If you've ever priced a really good commission figure you'll know that getting the DVD and the figure for $135 is a steal. 


  1. oh come off it, you own plenty of quality painted miniatures.. :P

  2. What Tristan said.

    Regardless, I'm waffling on the Kickstarter. I want in, but _dang_ 2012's convinced me that I need to slow my roll on those things.

  3. Okay, fair enough, but Jim's painting is in a league way above mine. I've never owned a miniature from someone of that painting caliber. I've considered commissioning some of my favorite artists just to have their work on hand and in person, and this is the first time I've been able to pull it off.

  4. Yep, I jumped in and pledged for some DVDs! I was really tempted to get one of the painted figures rewards, but I wanted more DVDs.

    1. First stretch goal announced... it looks like all the levels will be awarded more DVD's as time goes by. When that hits I will be getting 2 DVD's and a painted mini. You can always switch your pledge reward to something else if you want later, but there are only 10 of the painted mini level that can be reserved, ever.