Thursday, September 08, 2011

Weekly Poor Photography Update - Nurgle!

If you don't like the blurry photo, just pretend
Papa Nurgle gave you some seeping eye disease.
Jimmy stopped by tonight to work on Kroot-a-saurus, which got some armor updates.

I worked on Angelos's Forge World Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer. I've been working on this guy on and off since Sunday, and I'm very fond of how he's coming along. I need to paint all the bony spikes coming out of him, and give some love to the Nurglings on the model. I wanted some positive texture on the spearhead, so I applied some watered down Vallejo Black Lava selectively. I really liked the result.

An observation about FW resin... dip a bent spearhead into some heated water and it will immediately straighten from just gravity. Seriously, this stuff gets soft with heat.

Oh, I was supposed to ship Tristan's Harlequin tomorrow, but he's not packed to go. Curse my meandering thought process!

1 comment:

  1. The more I look the paintjob the more I like it!

    I hold a grudge against most chaos paintjobs/conversions, specially to Nurgle's. That might seem weird coming from an old (2nd ed. 40k) chaos player. Continue reading to find out why...

    People often use "chaos" and "warp" as excuses or euphemisms for negligent painting-sculpting issues. I meant it. An average technique could score 1 or two more points if associated to nurgle, cause it's ok if it's messy, dirty... but uncontrolled work ? I don't like it. You can get a clean paintjob and still make it look sick.

    And that's my point to praising your WIP. Looks like it's shaping in a tidy, clean way and yet you achieved a nice nurglish result. That IMHO should be the best compliment that could be paid to any chaos modeller.

    Hope you keep that steady results after the final stages of the paintjob. Can't wait to see it finished :)