Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WHFB: Long Range Throwing Weapons?

So, throwing weapons.... a staple of my Gutter Runners.  I recall stipulations in prior editions that thrown weapons did not receive the -1 penalty for long range.  I can find no such exclusion in 8th ed.  Does this mean that my poor rats are shooting at -2 if they move and throw more than 3"?

At least they get to march and throw.  That's a good 18" threat range.

EDIT: Slicer sets me straight.  I thought Quick To Fire was only a stand and shoot thing, but it also removes the -1 for move and fire.  The long range modifier still appears to apply though, so only -1 instead of -2.


  1. I love slings on my Gutter Runners. And Poison. They can move and double-tap, needing 5's w/in 9" and 6's w/in 18" (+6" move).

  2. Thrown weapons have the special rule 'quick to fire'. 'Quick to fire' can be found in the list of special rules, and means no penalty for moving and shooting. XD

    It's still there, it's just.. oddly positioned.