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Painting Commission Rates

***NOTICE *** 
I no longer accept painting commissions.  This page is archived for reference only.

I accept commission painting requests from single piece to full army.  Price will vary based on quality desired and possibly number of models.  If you really want me to paint your entire army at top quality I'm willing to do that as long as you are willing to pay.  If you compare the price for each level of work against the time I spend on each model you'll see that I don't exactly pay myself minimum wage here.  I take great pleasure in knowing models I have painted are seeing battle throughout the world.  By the way, whoever has the Night Goblin with Bunny Slippers, I'd love to know how he is doing.  For many examples of my work over the last few years, visit my CMON Gallery or my Photobucket account.

The following quality/price points are for more typical models.  The price may be modified somewhat by complex color schemes or other time consuming requests.

Basic / Troops Quality - this is your basic infantry model, such as an Empire Spearman, Space Marine, Eldar Guardian, etc.  This level of quality is more than "two colors and dip" and includes detail such as eyes, if applicable, and possibly some freehand work (chapter symbol, Ork dags, etc.)  Horde armies inquire about large unit discounts.  This pricing level does not include any Warhammer/40k models on >25mm bases or warjacks/warbeasts.  No conversion work is offered at this quality level.
Typical work time is 2-4 hours / model.
  • Painting: $8/model
  • Cavalry / Bike mounted: +$4/model
  • Assembly: +$1/model
  • Basing: +$1/model
High Quality - this level is for elite model that you want to give a bit more love to, such as Howling Banshees, Terminators, Sisters Repentia, etc.  Extra attention will be given to highlighting, shading and details on these models.  Minor conversion work is available at a premium at this quality level.
Typical work time is 4-6 hours / model.
  • Painting: $20/model
  • Medium Model (WH Ogre, Light Warjack/Warbeast, Troll, etc.): +$10/model
  • Large Model (Heavy Warjack/Warbeast, artillery piece & crew, Eldar Vyper, etc.): +$15/model
  • Cavalry / Bike mounted (single rider on horse/bike/Krootox, etc): +$10/model
  • Vehicle (medium tanks, Rhino to Land Raider sized): +$20/model
  • Large Mount:  varies by mount (a Warhawk would be less than a High Elf Dragon)
  • Assembly: +$1/ infantry model
  • Assembly: +$3/large model
  • Assembly: +$5/vehicle
  • Basing: +$1/model
Top Quality - this level is for display models or the Lords/HQ of your army to make them really shine on the battlefield.  The price includes custom basing and a very high quality paint job and minor conversion work, if desired.  Major conversion work is available for a premium at this quality level.
Typical work time is 12-24 hours / model.
  • Painting: $45/model
  • Medium Model (WH Ogre, Light Warjack/Warbeast, Troll, etc.): +$20/model
  • Large Model (Heavy Warjack/Warbeast, artillery piece incl. crew): +$35/model
  • Cavalry / Bike mounted: +$20/model
  • Large Mount: varies by mount/size 
  • Assembly: included
  • Basing: included
Terms:  Once scope of job, painting scheme and price is agreed upon, a 20% down payment is required.  You may send models to me or have me purchase them for you at 10% off retail price (plus sales tax.)  After receiving the models I will start a custom project blog, your choice of public or private, and begin painting.  Updates will be posted as often as is possible.  Once painting is complete and approved, full payment is expected.  Once full payment is received, the painted miniatures will be shipped insured and with signature confirmation.  Shipping of the completed product (in the U.S.) is included in the price.

For both our security, I prefer to use Paypal for payment.  Other arrangements can be made is that does not work for you.  Please be aware that there may be additional fees for international orders to ship the completed product.  I will do everything in my power to ensure international orders arrive at your door quickly and intact, but once the package leaves my possession I can take no responsibility for it.  Sorry.  In addition, I will not falsify customs documents by under-valuing the contents of any package.

Hints: For extra safety in shipping you could send me assembled models in a Sabol Army Transport or equivalent.  If models arrive at my door without damage in one chances are they will return to you just as undamaged.

What To Do Now:  If you would like to get a quote on a painting job, send me an email saying what you would like, including the type and number of models, the desired quality level and a rough description of the paint scheme you would like.  From there we can work out price point and timing/delivery.

Updated 3/19/2010

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