Thursday, June 18, 2009

Are You Smarter Than A Freakin' PhD?

Go read this:

I'm serious. Is this a joke?

Have I lost all ability to comprehend anything technical / scientific? To be fair, there are five authors. If I could understand 20% of that I'd feel better.

The Squirrel Underpants are to keep your head from exploding, a practical application of the lowest common denominator. Squirrel Underpants are the opposite of science in both real space and k-space.


  1. Certainly full of jargon and very specific/specialized but that is how science is these days. That one seems a little bad to me as a chemist but I would guess it would provide interesting information to a solid state physicist interested in superconductor properties.

  2. As a phd chemist, I can more less understand what they studied and how but also I don't know anything about this topic - physics is one step higher in abstraction than chemistry (but still below mathematics :-). And strict specialization is a God-Daemon of our times...

  3. I dont understand all of it - but it seems to me that the scientists are a little surprised that they are getting better results from a doping level that is less than the "optimal" level, which is presumably a mathematically calculated value.

    The squirrel underpants is just practicality with a little bizarre streak - I mean can you imagine trying to house break a squirrel?

  4. "physics is one step higher in abstraction than chemistry (but still below mathematics :-)"

    I assume you've seen this Magiler: