Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three Fails

1. Failed my "job" roll
My application that was supposed to go into production today wasn't correct. I'm scrambling to finish it now.

2. Failed my "parenting" roll
My five year old had been telling us that his pre-school class does "show and tell" so he had to bring something, typically a toy dear to him. It turns out that his class does no such thing, and this was just a sly attempt to take his favorite toys to school. The fact that it took three weeks for us to find out is the embarrassing part. Nice one, Jay.

3. Failed my "40k gaming" roll
I played a substitute game of 40k Saturday for a friend who had to cancel on someone. It was a 1500 point game vs. Space Marines. Since my friend plays Orks I took Orks too. The list I faced was that Salamanders character (Vulcan?) to 10 marine squads in rhinos, three Dreadnoughts, Three Predators (AC, 2xHB) and three Land Speeders. Ouch. I got destroyed. Granted, I had to scrounge to get to 1500 points, I've never played Orks before and I've never actually won a game of 40k, but I was still the optimist! Once he had nine kills points to my 3 we called it, roughly the end of turn 4. In honor of my Warboss' crushing defeat in the unstoppable grip of his Dreadnought I am painting my opponent a Warboss head to place under the foot of his Dread. In fact, I should pledge some sort of hobby favor for any loss I incur.

Wait, maybe I should make the "plain, blue police box" I owe someone first... (yes, I mean you.)


  1. The good news is everything comes in "3's" or so they say. That means you going to win at 40k next time bro! Being a father myself I know how sneaky sons can be. My boy has a habit of telling me what mommy said is ok for him to do only to find out she said no such Little stinker :)

    -come over to and vote for what you want me to do next!-

  2. Oh and congrats on your painting contest place man. Very well done!

    -come over to and vote for what you want me to do next!-

  3. 4th Fail: inaccurate spelling.

    "role," not "roll"

    I do pine for the TARDIS, but can hardly berate you for not doing a favor for me!

  4. Actually I meant it like a skill check in a role playing game, like Dungeons and Dragons. You roll a die or dice to determine if your character successfully performs a given action. I failed three rolls, resulting in failure at three of my roles.