Monday, December 25, 2006


  • Today at 8:00 AM we finally decided to wake up the girls. On Christmas morning?!?
  • Mark and I had a rematch. I fielded one painted model and many primed ones. He fielded all painted models. The only casualties in the game were painted models. Yes, I won.
  • AAA is apparently the new AA. Of all the toys that required batteries this morning, only one used AA's.
  • It takes a two year old approximately 5 second to both chew up an Aqua Doodle marking tool and then scribble on the Aqua Doodle pad with a Sharpie. Yay.

I feel like I've been complaining a lot in these entries, but I am just beat down this time of year. There is always twice as much need as there are resources, both tangible and intangible. Jay is a holy terror right now, so any peaceful moments are typically ended with his horrifying shriek (the one he uses when he is slightly to moderately unhappy with just about anything.) We've been asking the girls to please try and avoid doing the things that make Jay explode, but I worry that we are rewarding his tantrums that way. I know he's only two, but the girls could be reasoned with much more effectively at this age than he can. I look forward to three.

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  1. I can sympathize... I had a meltdown on Christmas Eve - just couldn't get it all done.

    I have yet to find an effective way to deal with the mini-tornado that is a 2 year old; but there is a book you might want to read that my sister Amy found pretty useful for her 3rd son Henry at that age (and he was a 2-yr-old x 100!) - "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" by Dr. Harvey Karp.