Thursday, August 31, 2006


I made steak tacos for dinner tonight.

A local hobby shop is opening, and the owner gave me a Circle of Oboros box to paint for display and sale in the store.

A new fellow, Kyle, played Warmachine with Brian and me last night. Both Brian's Khador and Kyle's Grundback mercenaries pounded my Menites into the ground.

Yesterday was our department's picnic and the cold cuts were swarmed by what looked like bees. Based on their interest in meat, I'm guessing they are some sort of wasp.

My truck is still out of commission, so I've been borrowing Sheena's car. It is quite girly in decoration, a fact that has been no end of amusement to my coworkers.

My children are, at this moment, lying in the dark watching "The Secret of NIMH."

Family Camp this year had some of the most authentic teaching I've experienced.

I am signing up for a new life insurance policy and a nurse came to the house to take various data, including blood samples and my height and weight. We don't have a scale in the house, and I was surprised by how much I weighed. I have a goal now of losing (brace yourself) 37 pounds in the coming months. The plan is basically to eat normal human sized portions at meals and avoid snacks. It pretty much means I'm hungry all the time now, but I assume my stomach needs to adjust to a more normal meal size, as opposed to the metric ton of food I normally eat.

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